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The "We Hit" Camp is proud to announce the following

Maryland Football players will be working as position coaches

during the upcoming June session:


1. Abner Logan - Outside Linebacker #46


2. Jermaine Carter - Middle Linebacker #23


3. Wes Brown - Running Back #4


4. Drew Stefanelli - Fullback #33


5. Brock Dean - Linebacker #42


6. Jesse Aniebonam - Defensive End #41


............Look for more announcements as more college players

are being added to the staff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 “We Hit” Contact Football Camp

Powered by the RFL


Now Registering at


Watch the "We Hit" Youtube videos from last season - click on the links below.


Session 1: June 22— June 26; 5:30-8:30 pm

Session 2: July 20 - July 24 5:30pm-8:30pm


Mattie Stepanek Park in King Farm ( Home of the RFL )



A premier contact football camp directed by

Good Counsel Freshman Head Coach Andy Stefanelli

and staffed by area high school coaches.

Also , featuring many of the area’s top high school players

as camp counselors.



Emphasis will be on age appropriate fundamentals, techniques and advanced skills for those with experience. Daily speakers will promote attention to school, sportsmanship, character and winning attitude.



Camp will provide helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guards and practice jersey. Campers will provide football pants, pads and cleats.



Snack bar will be open nightly, including grilled burgers and hotdogs. Mattie has plentiful parking and great seating for families to watch the fun.



$325 plus $40 equipment rental fee (if needed) for non RFL players. RFL players do not pay equipment fee. Team and Group discounts available !!!!


2014 Session # 1 Highlight:


2014 Session # 2 Highlight:


More Info: Email “We Hit” Camp Administrator Guy Stefanelli at   or Andy Stefanelli @ 


NOW IN OUR 52ND YEAR!  Rockville Football League is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization established in 1963 to provide an outstanding opportunity for players, ages 6-13, to learn and play football. 







Not Playing Sports More Harmful Than A Concussion

Not playing sports may be “more harmful to kids long-term than a concussion”

Participation numbers in football across the country, at all levels, was down more than 5% based on data in 2012, according to a CBS report from October of last year. The report also states that participation in soccer (7%), baseball (7%) and basketball (8%) is down even more than football, and experts are attributing the decline to the concussion panic caused by the media.

It’s an epidemic we’ve all witnessed first hand as coaches, but after a conversation earlier today with a colleague, some interesting information was brought to my attention based on that CBS report.

According to doctors, pulling kids out of sports based on concussion fears can actually be “more harmful to kids long-term than a concussion,” (notice that says “a concussion” and not “concussions”). The report states that the risk for inactive kids is greater than the danger of harm for concussions. One doctor (Marc Difazio, a child neurologist at the Children’s National Medical Center in Rockville, MD) even went as far as to point out that there is no definitive evidence that a single concussion causes any long-term damage.

“There’s really no good evidence to suggest that a child, after a single concussion, is at any significant risk for long term effects,” New York University Langone Medical Center’s Director of Neurophysiology Dr. William Barr told CBS.

“If somebody says ‘I like playing soccer, but my mother and father are worried that I am going to get a concussion so therefore I’m going to chose not to play soccer,’ that is a tragedy” Difazio went on to add.

While everyone agrees that kids should be pulled from play immediately after suffering a concussion, or concussion like symptoms, the doctors in the study point to exercise benefits like lowering the risk of obesity and heart disease and benefits of exercise on brain development and learning as the driving force behind their findings.

The CBS report, picked up by USA Football – which partners with safety conscious Heads Up Football, can be read in it’s entirety here.

by posted 06/26/2015

RFL Coaches,

Coach Milloy will be hosting the annual Youth Coaches Clinic on Sunday, July 19 from 1:00 - 4:00 at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School.

Key Note Speaker - UMD HC - Randy Edsall


UMD OC - Mike Locksley
Towson WR Coach - Mike Moyseenko
McDaniel - Asst. OC/Pass Game Coordinator - Mike Dailey


Andy Stefanelli

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

Freshman Football - Head Coach / Recruiting Coordinator

The clinic will also feature a training segment on the USA Football Heads Up Tackling Technique. This will be taught by a certified USA Football representative. 

The clinic will also feature useful drills and techniques taught by the Good Counsel coaching staff as well as local college coaches (TBA).   

The clinic fee is 25.00, but will be paid by the RFL for all registered coaches.

All head coaches must attend one approved live clinic each year.  The RFL/Good Counsel Bob Milloy Clinic will be held Sunday July 19 at Our Lady of Good Counsel School in Olney.  Clinic will start at 1:00 and run until about 4:00pm. To register email Andy Stefanelli with name and team coaching in Fall.  Navy coaches can register multiple coaches in same email. Remember, Navy Head Coaches by rule must attend this clinic or be liable for suspension. Assistants are encouraged to attend.  Please register as soon as possible.  The RFL will pay your registration fee.


by posted 05/01/2015
Football Matters by John Harbaugh


Our mission is to promote the advantages of playing youth football!!!!!!!!!



by posted 04/27/2015

Find the RFL on Facebook at “Rockville Football League-RFL”

Or on Instagram “@rfl”

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by posted 05/15/2014

Registration Central

REGISTRATION Opened May 15 for Returning Players, June 1 for New Players

Financial Aid is available to those that qualify.  Please click on, read and print the documents below for more information and to apply.


The  NAVY and ARMY (Pony, PW and INT) tiered system does not impact Registration.

You will still register for the appropriate Division and if you are a Returning Player the right team.

Middle School Football League (MSFL) players should select Fall 2015 Middle School Sign-Up. 

We will place you on the appropriate team.

  • About Practice & Registration

  • New families to the RFL often ask about location and dates of practice.  This is a team specific issue.  All teams practice within the Rockville/Potomac/Bethesda area.  Please see Franchises for more information.  Schedules and game days are also outlined in this area.

  •  Returning Players are those that played in the RFL in the Fall of 2013 or Fall 2014 and siblings.  First time RFL Spring Flag or 7on7 players in 2015 are not Returning Players for registration purposes and must wait until June 1 to register.  Priority for Returning Players ends on June 1.

  • If you are a Returning Player and the team you played for last year or the team you are supposed to move up to is full there is now a Waiting List Option.  This also applies to New Players who request a team that is full.  We will place New Player on the Waiting List if they request a full team.

     If you choose to register and be placed on the Waiting List you will be notified by July 15 if there is room or another team has been established.  If there is still not room on your desired team you can
    1.   Request a refund (less the $25 processing fee),
    2.   Be placed on another team or
    3.   Stay on the Waiting List to see if a spot opens up (no refund with this option). 
    There is still a good chance you will make the roster if you are registering before June 1.

  • Medical Waivers

  • Waivers for medical reasons must be initiated by a letter from a physician stating the medical condition that requires the request.  Size and/or age in of itself will not qualify for a Waiver: Medical Waiver Form 2015.pdf

  • Team Waivers

  • RFL Waiver Forms must be submitted to apply for a player transfer from one team to another. Players must register for the team that they have played for in past years before applying for a waiver. All waiver forms must be submitted before June 15th.

  • Waivers to move to a different team will only be approved if the General Managers of both organizations and the Commissioner agree or if a player was assigned to a team other than the one requested because it was full or merged into the previous season due to roster space. The waiver will then be submitted to the RFL Executive Committee for final approval. To have a Waiver considered you must first register for the team you are supposed to play on and then follow the instructions for submitting Waiver Requests.

  • Instructions - Fill out the form below and email to the commissioner of the division you will be playing in for this season.

  • New Waiver Form 2014.pdf

  • Spring Flag teams and coaches have no bearing on Fall team assignments. 

Middle School Unlimited League Players 

You will be placed based on  Montgomery County High School Clusters.  Private school students will be placed on a Montgomery County team that serves the cluster they live in. You must meet the following criteria to play in the Middle School League:

You must be entering the 8th grade in the fall of 2015.

OR Exceed the maximum weight restrictions of the Intermediate Division of the Rockville Football League. (currently 155 lbs.)

OR  Any 7th Grader that has a minimum of two (2) years of tackle football experience.

First Time Registering Online?

Make sure that when you enter the Registration System you create a new account if it is your first time using the process. If you played in the RFL anytime since 2012 you will be a "Returning Player" and always use the initial account you created, in fact all of your information will be there and the process will take about 2 minutes.  If you want to register another family member that has not played before you will access the account you created for the first family member and almost all of your information will already be entered.

  • The Registration Fee Refunds and Discounts.

  • Refunds: The League Fee, City Cost Recovery Fee, Registration Process Fee and Credit Card or eCheck Fee is in one lump sum.  100% refunds less the Processing Fee and Credit Card or eCheck fee ($25.00) will only be issued until July 15.  There will be no refunds after July 15. 

by posted 05/12/2014
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